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That is the first game that I actually finished and published. It is small and simple, but it was big for me, to finish the project. It is a second version, and first one was made in Blender Game Engine. That first one is 3d and look similar to original puzzle. But then I started to learn Godot and decided to do a remake in 2D.

And now whe have this game. Nothing special for you, but big step for me.

As I set, it was made in Godot game engine in order to learn this amazing tool and just for fun.
In the game you have balls (not in that sense ;-) ) with few colors. You have to organize the balls in to vertical order by color. You can rotate the lines horizontally, but vertically you can only shift the balls to one empty place.

This game is similar to "15 puzzle" but cylindrical version, with ability to rotate lines


BabylonTower2_x86_64.zip 14 MB
BabylonTower2_x86_32.zip 13 MB
BabylonTower2_x86_64_linux.zip 17 MB
BabylonTower2_x86_32_linux.zip 17 MB
BabylonTower2.apk 15 MB

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