A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The game is done with Godot game engine and for GoGodotJam 2021.

I had this idea for some time, to create a relaxing gardening experience for VR, where player can plant, grow and shape a garden of there dream and share it with virtual visitors.

As the subject of the Jam is "Growth", I decided to create a small prototype/experiment of bonsai tree shaping. Without VR for now. Just traditional keyboard and mouse controls.


Gonsai.Linux.x86_64.zip 28 MB
Gonsai.win.x86_64.zip 28 MB
Gonsai.mac.zip 42 MB


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Hello nice chill game, i like the concept. Keep it up.
One question what button 3 doing ? branches are marked but i think it does nothing. 

You need to use mouse wheel to twist branches. And buttons XYZ to change the axis

I would love to add a proper gizmo for twisting branches, but there is no time for that at the moment. I hope just a mouse wheel will do in a concept